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Can i share music license file with buyer?

I used a background music for which i have to issue license to buyer to use it on social media, can i share the license file ?i mean that text file is having so many URLS of envato company , will that breach any fiverr policy?little confused…

99 out of 100 times you would be in the wrong. You can’t give a client somebody else’s music when they don’t have a license to use it. You cannot replicate or resell a contract. That’s illegal.

I have subscribed a music library in which i can create license for a particular project in its name, i am talking about it

Just because you have a license to use something, doesn’t mean that you can transfer those rights to a buyer. Unless the buyer directly has a contract with the music library, then you can’t give them the music without a contract.

The library is having option to issue license directly in name of project, my question is can i send to buyer?

No, you can’t. A license can’t be replicated. You will have to explain to your buyer that he has no rights unless he subscribes to the library too. That is the only way.

I think you are not getting my point

So what is your point?

do fiverr mind sharing a text file with a license ?

and for your info license is issued in project’s name only , buyer never purchases libraries worth 1000USD/year for a single music

That’s not a point, that’s a question. You can provide a buyer with a license, however in this case it is illegal. I don’t think you understand. A music license is for you, so you can use the music for whatever commercial use that you like. However, you cannot give those rights to somebody else. If your buyer uses the music, they will get into serious trouble, as they don’t have the rights to use that music. You will also get into more trouble, for replicating a license.

I think you better ask the support directly

i always issued license file to offline clients they always cleared copyright claim very easily using the file.

Jake, with respect, you’re correct in general, but not correct if it’s with relation to Envato Elements, which I believe the OP is referring to, and is also a service that I and many other freelancers use, in exactly the way in which the OP is describing.

The OP can’t resell the individual items. They can’t just say “Here’s a piece of music, now give me money.” That’s reselling.

The OP can use it in a commercial project, and they can charge for that work, provided the music is part of their subscribed package, and that they have an active subscription. They would then transfer the license of the piece of music to the buyer, so that they are protected. We’ve done this many times.

@crownmediaa - You’re actually asking the question in the wrong place - your question is for Envato. Do you have the required subscription, and is the music included as part of that subscription? If yes, then sharing the license file here when submitting your work to a client is absolutely fine.

If you give them a license, that doesn’t automatically mean that they have rights to it. As they are obtaining the license illegally. You can’t just give somebody a license. It doesn’t work like that.

Thankyou for finding a copy of the license. I’m going to read through it now.

You’re absolutely correct that the OP can’t simply download a piece of music, then give that unaltered piece of music to a buyer with a copy of the license, but in fairness I don’t think that’s what the OP was referring to, as she referred to ‘background music’. The OP would have to use the music to create a value-added end product, like a video, or a jingle, or a company voicemail etc.

But in that instance, the OP would have to license the piece of audio to a project, then give a copy of that license to the buyer, as the buyer would need this license, should they ever run into any kind of unauthorised usage claim. From what I’ve read, so long as the content creator has the correct subscription, there’s nothing dodgy going on here, certainly not illegal.

ohkay thanks , you got the point

the text file is having my full name along with envato links so was thinking if its okay to share via txt file

I dont know. But i suggest you to ask the support directly and quickly as you can.