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Can I share my email for crediting purposes?

I’m doing a series of transcriptions that the buyer is posting on a website, he asked if I want my contact info to be included in the website. Can I give him my email?


Hi there,
If you really need to share the eMail for work purpose then you can share. Remember to drop a note in your chatbox with a message like why you are sharing the email. e.g: Note: We need to share the mail for this purpose-------

However, contacting with clients out of fiverr is strictly prohibited. Follow the TOS of fiverr. Keep working.


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if your industry require/need to share email then you can share.

I’d err on the side of caution. The buyer doesn’t need your email address so you can complete their order, so it could well get you into bother if you gave it to them. It would be kind of your buyer to link directly to your Fiverr profile though, and it wouldn’t get anybody into trouble. :slightly_smiling_face:


Do not listen to any advice you receive if it isn’t from a customer support representative. Contact them immediately and go by what they tell you.


Usually a by line is your name or working handle.

So if I wrote a lovely article like:

This lesson is about learning to make a pitch. Yep, you done got me right, making a pitch as in selling your sad, sorry, self to someone else (stop sniggering). I hear many of you saying but we is Rock Stars we don’t do sales like some sort of aging trolly boy. Ok, well good luck with that. Even if you wanted to be a Rock Star to snag more chicks, guess what? You chose Rock Star to Groupie as your sales strategy & target market.

by Benedict Roff-Marsh

would be the normal credit. Putting an email turns it from a healthy byline to an advert which makes the article itself suspect (not to mention all the spam you will get from a public email).

I would assume that if you are serious about being a writer (or any kind of freelancer) you would have a website that has your name on it so unless you happen to be called Coke Nike McDonalds, your full name in a Search should deliver people to you.

Decline the email and ask for the usual method, is my advice


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