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Can i share my Flickr Portfolio in fiverr?


Hello everybody, i have one question
Can i share my portfolio ( flickr ) on fiverr ?


Yes you can!

Here’s the full list of allowed URLs


Thank you for your response ,
can i short the link for example with ■■■■■■ ?
or just put the flickr link as he like


I don’t think you’re allowed to use a shortener, but I’m sure somebody else will be able to tell you if that’s not the case.

Good luck! :sunny:


No you can’t use a shortener. Also ask customer support first, even if it’s on the list of allowed URLs, and take a screenshot of their response and keep it just in case at some point there is an objection to it.

We discussed this here before and some people have had problems even if the URL is on the allowed list. I think it might be a matter of some staff not being aware that some URLs are allowed.