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Can I share my gig link in forum's post and comments

I feel worried to share my gig link in fiverr forum’s new topic and comment box. It allow or not?

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No, it’s not allowed. Posting gig links on random forum threads will get you in trouble with moderators.

You can only share your gig link in My Fiverr Gigs


forum is not for promoting your gig, its for sharing new thoughts about fiverr and learning new tips, you can promote your gigs on different website…

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For promoting, sellers are allowed to share their gig link in My Fiverr Gigs . You can post your gig link only on your post. If you post your gig link in other’s post it will count as spam. If you need some ideas to improve your gig appearance you can post it on Improve my Gig section. Same rules as My Fiverr Gigs


Don’t worry, Share your GIG in the topic of My Fiverr Gigs