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Can i share my gigs link on linkedin?

I can’t share my gigs link on linkedin so please suggest me .how can i solve it?


Share them somewhere else?

Linkedin seems to have stopped allowing Fiverr links because of spamming.


thank you sir

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Yes linkedIn does not allow fiverr links at all now…

Me to facing this issue but better is to create a landing page and drive all your visitors on your landing page first then to fiverr in this way they will get to know more about your self…

Landing page like Portfolio about your work, i think that method is good than sharing direct links on social media…


You can share fiverr link on linkedin .Linkedin just hide link preview.fiverr link works on linkedin :blush:

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Thank you so much​:blush::blush::blush:

Thank you so much​:blush::blush:

Yes! i’m just facing this problem.i had no idea the latest update news of Linkedin that they stopped sharing post from fiverr because of spamming.

Today, I’m facing the same problem. Is there actually solution about that?