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Can I share my learn.Fiverr account with my Sister?

Hey I just wanted to know before I do this, me and my sister live in the same house, I bought like 10 different courses on Fiverr, can I share my account info with her so can learn a couple of the courses on her own laptop?

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i dont know the answer. but if you care about your seller account, i wouldn’t do it. (additionally if your sister is also registered on fiverr, you would do well to search on the forum for advice about that situation as well, because from what I read earlier there are some risks involved.)

Just let her watch on your laptop or PC, I don’t think its illegal lol

No she isn’t on Fiverr.

That’s what she’s currently doing but it’s becoming a bit of an inconvenience to me so I wanted to just give her the info so she could do it on her own laptop lol


I don’t think its good idea tbh but maybe ask CS

If your sister does not have a Fiverr account it should be okay. I have signed into Fiverr with my phone, my son’s computer in another house, and at the school where I used to sub. It was never a problem. In fact I am signed into my account on my phone and on my computer both most days.

So, if you log your sister into your account and she then reads the information, I do not see an issue for you. However, if after she learns all she want to and chooses to start a Fiverr account then you will need to contact Customer Service to get permission to have two accounts on one IP.

Remember to do this you need permission from CS and,

  • Different e-mails
  • Different PayPal or Payoneer accounts
  • Different phone numbers
  • And you must not buy or sell from each other and you cannot offer the same services.

Be warned if you do not follow all of the above instructions you endanger both of your accounts as Fiverr could see it as you having two accounts which is against TOS.

GoodLuck! :four_leaf_clover:

PS, Fiverr CS is very busy right now due to the pandemic and having their sellers double in some niches and triple in others. So, when your sister is ready you will need to enquire early.


Understood, thank you so much Vickie.

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As far as I know it’s not possible fiverr

Please read my post for the way it is possible. :wink:

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