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Can i share my personal contact information with my client

Can i share my personal contact information with my customer? I’m in contract with my client and we might need a screen share during some work. So can I have his personal contact info in that way when we’re in a contract?

Please read the terms of service:


Can you please just simple give me an answer rather than i read whole terms & conditions

If you had read the terms of service - which you signed up to when you opened your account - you would know the answer.

If you even did a search for “my account was banned for no reason” using the search bar above, you would also have the answer.


reading the tos is a must … it’s for your own good :slight_smile:

  • Any necessary exchange of personal information required to continue a service may be exchanged within the Order Page.

As they said like this. So i can share information on my order page right?

and do you think it’s necessary to exchange personal info if you can communicate on Fiverr ?


Actually sometimes i have to share my screen with client while we’re doing some design work.

So basically if fiverr have an option where we can share our screens that would solve our issues

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Any further suggetion please?

You should bear in mind that it’s Fiverr who decide whether that kind of communication is necessary, not you.


This is not the mentally to have when safeguarding your business. Do the leg work and gather the info needed instead of having it spoon fed to you.

Its okay to ask a question when you need help, but when someone points you in the right direction, its up to you to research the correct course of action.

It makes you seem lazy or privileged.