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Can I share my Youtube video links in Fiverr forum

Can I share my Youtube video links in Fiverr forum?If yes then under which categories??? :blush:

Why do you need to share your YT video links?


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As a portfolio purpose

Probably not. Outside links are a no no here.

Why would you need to share them on the forum? The link would be likely omitted by a moderator.


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Just a curiosity @genuineguidance

What do you mean “just a curiosity”?
Never mind, I get what you mean - you were curious if you could do this.


Yes… You’re right @genuineguidance

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Why not upload your “portfolio videos” as presentation videos on your gigs? You are allowed to upload videos that represent your work, for buyers to see. Trying to post those videos here on the forum is not likely to benefit you in any way… especially as, @genuineguidance noted, they are likely to be deleted from the forum as spam.


Thanks for your idea… But is it will be helpful to my gig ranking as well?

There are no guarantees that any specific actions will “be helpful to [your] gig ranking”. Build your gig and its features around what you can do, how you can help your target customers, and how best to show your skills to those customers. What happens in the search rankings will depend upon the metrics you gain and maintain as a successful seller.

There are no guarantees.