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Can I share Zoom or Google Meet link in inbox

Hello everyone, I often asked by the client, they want to connect with me with zoom or google meet. Can I join them or Can I share them my google meet link?


You can try asking Customer Support for permission. Generally speaking, any contact outside of Fiverr can get you permanently banned, unless you had the permission from CS to do it.


Never do that, it’ll eventually get you into trouble.

That sounds about right.
I had to contact CS because of a very similar issue a few months ago. What I had to do is set up a new Gig which states that I’m going to give advice outside of Fiverr and which apps I’m going to use for that purpose. It should be stated in the gig title, gig description and order requirements. Also, never share that stuff in inbox. You must also advise your customers to not do that. You are only allowed to exchange contact details on the order page of an existing order and only if it is necessary for completion of the order.
And you should definitely contact CS before you do this!


I don’t think you should do it as i think its against fiverr rules.

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Thanks everyone, for giving me some valuable information.

Your answer is very helpful for me :hugs:. Thank you very much for sharing your experience. :innocent:


You’re welcome!
Just please make sure to check back with customer support to avoid potential trouble.

There’s no reason to do this. Your clients could tell you what they need without it, but they don’t feel like writing it all out and want you to do it for them.

Don’t bend over backwards to appease lazy, entitled buyers. You don’t get paid for meetings, remember.