Can i show my facebook page?



I need help from seniors.
Can i show my Facebook page with buyers in the Gig description or a video as a portfolio ?
Like behance ??

Waiting for response



Not unless Facebook is listed on the allowed URL page. As of right now, that means no.


Make a youtube page strictly for your fiverr.
Post your work there.
Link your youtube link on your fiverr gig and explain that it shows more of your work…
Show anything you want on that youtube page except anything leading to your contact information off-site…

Am I right? @fonthaunt Let me know if I’ve got something wrong here.

This is the action we’ve taken to display our fiverr work + page off-site and try to bring more traffic to our gigs and fiverr…

We created a facebook page for our fiverr gigs , a google + page , and a youtube page… None of which point to a way to contact me… other than the natural avenues of those platforms (their inbox services or comments sections)… which in my opinion is a huge reason a link should not be allowed on someone’s gig… especially if they try to prevent this sort of thing at every turn… But whatevs…

Personally we use dropbox to show our work samples .
In our gig ,we say that we cannot post a link to our work here there the gig description and that they should message us to get a link to our portfolio… Then we link them our dropbox folder with our videos in it.

Works just fine … doesnt get you in hot water…


@videostore According to the help files as they are displayed today (subject to change) you are correct that someone can use a YT channel to show Fiverr samples as long as the YT channel is about Fiverr gigs and doesn’t have content that violated the Fiverr ToS or community guidelines. Personally, I think you have some good points on the rest of it, but I don’t plan to worry about that either unless the rules change. :slight_smile: In the meantime, anything listed on the link provided applies. Thanks! In case someoen doesn’t know I’m referring to the same link, here it is again:


thanks for following up @fonthaunt :slight_smile: