Can I Start A Gig About Selling My Customer Infos?


With several years international retailing and wholesaling experience, i have my store and my site, i have a lot of mixed customers from different countries.

Can I Start A Gig About Selling My Customer Infos? Is this will violate the fiverr rules?

Any one knows? Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


Something that you really want to ask is whether it will violate your own privacy policy. People don’t like their information being sold on and will get really irate about it. If your privacy policy says that you don’t sell the information on and you do, your customers will not only leave you but can sue you for breaching the agreement.

Setting up a gig like that could violate the third party rules, if your customers don’t agree to their details being sold on. It’s generally an “uncool” thing to do and would violate Fiverr’s TOS on that part.

I know I’d be really angry and would leave a business if I found out it had sold my details on.


Thanks. aingham69.

emm… actually, their details just an email address, country and part of name or nickname. They buying from different countries all over the world.

And another part is reseller from all over the world, they promote their emails on different places on the internet, i using special techniques to grab them, and classify them, part of marketing strategy.

Thanks anyway, just consider…