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Can I start a journey at Fiverr as A professional graphic designer and article writer? Can I choose those two categories at a same time?

I am a professional article writer. Recently I also learn graphic design. I want to open gig on this. But I am a new one at Fiverr. Is it be good for me to choose those two categories? Please let me know. I want help.


Hello and welcome!

You can start with more than one gig category if you feel you are proficient in this service. Just be aware that some categories are more competitive than others and getting an order may take time.

Also if you have just recently just “learned graphic design” you are competing with years of experience in a highly competitive industry. Ask yourself, are you ready to start selling a service you have just learned? (depending of course what you are offering) just be careful not to set yourself up to fail.

The forum is full of advice for new sellers, good luck!


Thank you for your advice.

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Hello there.
So the thing is it is possible to open different gigs for different categories. However, it is advisable to include everything in your profile so that when customers check it out, it should be outstanding and include everything. Another reason why it is encouraged to choose a particular niche is because the platform is so competitive that it would be difficult for ‘Jacks of all trades but Masters in none.’ So once you know what you’re good at, focus on it so that other things doesn’t steal your time in the name of trying out many gigs. But you can still try out more than one, you never know which one works best. I hope this helps.

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