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Can I start working on Fiverr if I'm a citizen of Iran?

I’m currently living in Iran (IRI) and I was wondering if I’d be able to work on this platform without getting my account banned because of my Iranian citizenship. I’m guessing this would not happen because it’s not mentioned in Fiverr’s TOS but would like to know if I’m wrong.


You can start if you have skill or skills.

contact with costomer support

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I do have skills and all necessary stuff that’s needed to start a job. What I’m wondering is if I’d get banned because of me being Iranian

@cyrusdeg Who said an Iranian cannot get a job. Go ahead and start work.

I remember a few posts from around 6-12 months ago when Iranian citizens had their accounts suspended after verifying their ID (thus, confirming their citizenship).

Contact Customer Support and ask them just to be sure.


yes you can!
if you have good skills

I’m going to say no, sorry. I remember the same post as @lenasemenkova. What I gathered from that is that any countries with less than ‘best of friends’ relationships with the U.S. seem to be prohibited from using Fiverr.

It is not something I agree with, so don’t shoot the messenger. I would really like to spend time in Syria, but I have heard this too is on the no-go list.

If you were to get residency (and an iD card) in another country, it may be possible for you to work on Fiverr. However, I am pretty sure being in Iran leaves you at a bit of a disadvantage.

Don’t blame Fiverr, though. It is more a case of your everyday political madness.


@cyaxrex @lenasemenkova So I guess I’ll find another platform which treats me better. Thanks for the input

@cyrusdeg, this is the thread I think @lenasemenkova was referring to. Please take a look at it, but especially this comment given by @mjensen415.


The US? Are you sure it’s because of their relations with the US…?

This is the response I got from the support. To all the Iranians that are considering working on Fiverr:

And they disabled my ccount too.

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Sad, I still don’t know exactly why they don’t allow Iranian sellers but I can guess.

@erik_keresztes What would be the reason? What is your guess?

Fiverr is an Israeli company (at least originally). That should answer your question…

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Sure you can.
fiver is for everyone. do at what you are best

No, he can’t. There’s literally a screenshot of a message from Fiverr in this thread saying he can’t. Can you read, or do you just like to post false information on stuff you clearly know nothing about?