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Can I still claim I made the piece that I sold?

If someone orders a song through a gig of mine, and they own the copyright to it, can I still claim I made it? As far as I understand, if they hold the copyright, they can even sell it directly (like put it on an album), which is fine by me, but can I still save it for my portfolio (where anyone can listen to it, or part of it), or is it like if the buyer made it him/herself, and it’s 100% theirs?

It might be a stupid or naive question, but I haven’t found any information on this yet. Thanks in advance!

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I think for this case the buyer has to allow you to use it. I believe if someone buys the copyright form you it also mean you can’t copy it.

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That’s what seems logical to me as well, thank you. I just remember seeing gigs where the seller says they’ll claim they are the creator, although they sell the copyright as well.
But anyway, the saving for the portfolio part is the more important one, I’ll make sure to ask or just not use it.

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You don’t get credit or reuse rights in commission work.

If you don’t currently provide a PDF contract for the rights, I would start doing that. You can include a clause in the contract that allows you to utilize the piece for portfolio work which is what I do. If a buyer requests that be removed or an NDA or something like that, you can work it out on a case-by-case basis.

This is probably the best option, but I’m not sure how that works in practice. We don’t know anything about the buyer (and vice versa), I can’t even write names on the contract, so I’m not sure how “effective” it is.
Do you have a link to a template, if you don’t mind me asking?