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Can I still send offers if I pause my gig?

I have 2 trustworthy Buyers (bought from me before) Who have two really big orders for me for a total of 12 drawings. I decided to divide them in multiple smaller offers to help me keep track. I don’t feel like I can accept new orders for a while, so I want to pause my only gig. Will they still be able to contact me and Will I be able to still sent those two buyers offers to complete their orders if I do so?

This is all new for me, so I’m a little bit scared of ruining everything. :sweat_smile:


My best suggestion is not to pause why because of the algorithm no one know how its work instead of pausing increment the gig delivery time. that’s my opinion

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They should be able to contact you through either the order page or your inbox.

You will need to uppause your gig just long enough to sent a custom offer and then pause it again.

I have two paused gigs and I still am getting orders.

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Thank you! That’s very helpful.

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If you pause your gig, new buyers won’t be able to see it, and existing buyers won’t be able to place orders.