Can i stop automatic order system, I can accept only custom order


I got logo of automatic order, that i don’t accept. client make a order with there big website or issues without inform or message. when i talk with client the client can’t agree with extra, for this i need to cancel the order. and now my Orders Completed persent is under 60, any one can help what i need to do now.
Can i stop automatic order system, i can accept only custom order that i have send to client.


Well, this is a significant disadvantage for all sellers and popular topic here. There’s no possible way to stop ordering your gig except activating vacation mode.
However, when you and your client both agree to cancel the order, you can take a screenshot and ask customer support to cancel the order. They will cancel the order without decreasing the stats of your profile. (I haven’t done it myself, heard from another seller couple of days ago)


Thanks for your advice :slight_smile: hope it will be worded, and i have got a experience today if client send me cancellation and i accept this, Orders Completed present can’t be less form me


1 Questions please:
if my Orders Completed present have under 50, have any problem form in my account. in this situation what can i do ? I need to talk with fiver customer support to solve this problem ? they can solve this ?


@faria48 if you pause your gigs (without activating the vacation mode) and keeping the “accept custom orders” on the green side, I think you’ll be able to work things out :slight_smile:


Yeah, this is good idea,
But if i pause my top gigs, have any problem with seo, client can find my gig form fiverr search or my gigs should visible in fiverr


Yes, cancellation does affect your gig ranking. Here’s what I found:

How Does Cancellations Affect My Ranking?
We cannot reveal the exact calculation, however, Fiverr doesn’t just look at the amount of cancellations occurred. There are different indicators involved in evaluating cancellations of orders. We look at when the cancellation occurred, if the cancellation could have been avoided, and who the buyer is.
Cancellations are just one parameter taken into account when evaluating a seller, however, it’s an important one. You, as a seller, should provide high quality service, communicate quickly when needed, provide the deliveries on time, and of course, try to minimize cancellations. With the new analytics page you’ll have a better overview of your performance, and thus, a better opportunity to improve it!
Now that we’ve covered the basics, take a look below at the situations and the corresponding steps you can take as a seller, to help prevent cancellations. Essentially, these are your seller lifelines and guidelines. We suggest you use them often.

Read more, here:


Yes! Your gigs will become invisible to all people until vacation is over! :frowning:


I heard it, if my Orders Completed present have under 50, Fiverr can disable my account is that correct ?


There is no evidence of disabling an account. It may affect your ranking, but disabling an account is a different matter. Avoid cancellation, and complete orders in time, stats will increase automatically.


While you can’t turn off the automatic orders you can prevent them from happening by raising your prices in a way that buyers will more likely contact you and ask for a custom order. Most of my orders are custom orders.