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Can I submit an order in several parts?

Hi everyone! I’m very new to fiverr and just got my second order through my children’s book illustration gig. It’s a custom order for an entire children’s book (29 pgs), and I was planning to submit it in several parts, as follows:

Send over character designs of main characters

Send over basic sketches for pages 1- 10 for approval

Send over basic sketches for pages 11-20 for approval

Send over basic sketches for pages 20-29 for approval

Send in finished, colored pages 1-10

Send in finished, colored pages 11-20

Send in finished, colored pages 20-29

Complete revisions, if any

As you can see, this order will be completed in several parts. I didn’t use the milestone format though–just one big payment. So, stupid question time: Is it possible for me to “deliver” several pieces separately before the deadline, instead of all at once, to allow for check-ins and communication? Should I just send the files through the messaging option so my buyer can see what I’ve done so far (with a stamp/signature so it doesn’t get stolen before I get my money, of course) then send all of the completed files together for the final delivery?

Hope this makes sense, and please let me know what you guys think! Thanks.


You cant if the order is for 29 you must deliver 29 or else buyer can claim you send partial delivery.

or not even him.

Fiverr on its own can check and if they see partial give you warning.

Ask seller to give you extra time. Also you should for orders this big set 20-40 days delivery so you have time.

Or if you are worried about money split offers but that will cause extra fee cost to buyer …


Okay, good point. I definitely don’t want to send in a partial order! So should I keep him updated on my process through the messaging system? I can send him files (watermarked) to show him the character designs and concept sketches for him to approve. They’ll be watermarked so he can’t preemptively download them for himself, but he can still look at them to understand what I’ll have done so far and offer input. Communication is very important to me.

And yes, I I set a 39-day delivery for this! My fear is to have a late order haha. Thank you!

In order messages you can send files with watermark and he can type his comments directly on image.

You should order something from someone, an art or anything for 5$ just to see how process goes from buyers perspective or watch videos and tutorials to see how to use the order communication system.

This is a large order for new seller, i hope the buyer won’t turn out to be scammer.

Best of luck!

Thank you so much Marina, you’ve been very helpful!

I really appreciate your advice and will definitely be using it. Of course, I hope he’s not a scammer too, haha. I’ve gotten a lot of interest lately, all at once. I think it’s because of my low prices or something; I’ll raise them in the future.

What you want is exactly provided by the milestones feature, plus if you’ll be paid for all the parts approved by the client. Your order must be over 100$ to use milestones.
However you cannot convert a single pay order into a milestones order, just keep it in mind for next time.