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Can I suggest to a customer of mine another Fiverr user's services?

Hey there everyone,

I’ve been here for some time and not only have I reached level 1 (about to hit level 2), but I’m also starting to enjoy a bit my work experience here.

I have one big fat doubt that I cannot solve by myself:
One of my gigs is for Amazon listings translations and SEO optimizations.
A friend of mine that I introduced to the platform and is working well as well (sorry for the pun), does product photography for Amazon listings.

My doubt is: when I deliver a work, especially with a returning customer that knows well and appreciates my works, can I suggest him my “colleague” if he ever was interested in taking pictures of his products in addition to translating their listings?

For example, would I be allowed to write comething like the following?

"Hey there,

If you ever need to take professional pictures of your products you sell on amazon in addition to translate their listings, I suggest you a colleague of mine whose work are pretty good.
Here is his gig link:

And let me know if you have any further doubt or inquiry!

Kind regards,

Or would this be a violation of any TOS or rules of Fiverr?

I thank in advance anyone who is going to take some time to read my thread and answer me.


Great question! My initial reaction is be careful. I would only go that route if they ask for such a referral. Otherwise your buyer could get turned off that you are trying to sell your friend.

I have given links before but only if it’s appropriate because they ask or my price is too hi for someone’s budget.

Just to be safe, I would ask Customer service about that one.

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By the way, I think it’s great you are throwing this question out to everyone!

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I sometimes suggest other sellers (or send a link to a relevant sub/category if people ask me for things I don’t offer) and don’t see anything wrong with that, but yeah, only if buyers ask me for recommendations/whether I “know someone”, not “just so”. I’d tread carefully with anything that might be considered spammy.