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Can I Transfer Money to my Fiverr


Can I transfer money to my fiverr account from my bank account?



On the top bar across all your Fiverr pages, right side, is your nickname. Hover the cursor over your name, you should see a drop-down menu; click on “Settings”. This brings you to your profile page, public settings. On the right is a link that says “Account Settings”. On that page is where you indicate your Paypal account. Once you associate a Paypal account to your membership, your purchases will come out of that account, UNLESS you’ve gotten credits on Fiverr for purchases that got cancelled. If you make a purchase and there is enough credit in your account, that will be used first. If there’s not enough, then the entire purchase is paid out of your Paypal account. All this is done automatically.

No. Gigs may be purchased using a Credit Card, PayPal, Bitcoin, and in certain countries Skrill or Dwolla. If a transaction is cancelled the amount you paid is transferred to a balance account, or credit toward future purchases. If you have enough funds in your balance account when you place an order to cover the purchase, that will be used to pay for the gig. If there isn’t enough, then your associated payment account (i.e. Paypal, Dwolla, whatever) will be used for the purchase. But your balance account is not a deposit account.

Reply to @celticmoon: Ok, thanks. In that case I think I’m gonna leave fiverr then. It’s to bad. I just signed up not to long ago. But, sense I’ve no way to pay people for their services. Then fiverr is no good to me. Do you know of anywhere else that would have the option that I’m talking about available to me?

Is there some reason you can’t open a Paypal account? It’s not actually a bank but a money transfer service. Personal Paypal accounts can be connected to credit cards, bank accounts, or both. So you can authorize Paypal to transfer money from your bank account and “hold” it for you until you’re ready to spend it.

I don’t know of any retail website that also acts as a bank or a money transfer service to the extent that Paypal or Dwolla will. To a certain extent, Fiverr “holds” funds, as in when sellers receive payment for sales, or buyers get credit for cancelled orders already paid, but that’s as far as it goes.

How do you pay for your online purchases now?

Oh, I have a paypal account. It’s only used for the buy things. If that’s all I need to beable to buy services from fiverr then that solves my problem. But, can you tell me how to use it when paying for services from fiverr.

Ok, thanks.