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Can i turn off live portfolio for the first order?

hello, everyone i got 3 reviews within 15 days. i just wanted to know if i can disable live portfolio as a new seller for the first time.

the question is, would buyer get distracted if they see “just reviews” with no live portfolios.


Considering your field, I would say turning live portfolio off is not a great idea. I would get discouraged by lack of portfolio samples for sure, if I were shopping for photo editing services.
There’s a lot of sellers with stolen gig images, so for any services that include visuals the live portfolio is the first thing I would be checking out as a buyer. The actual result attached matters more than all the words in review to me.

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so, you are saying that i should turn live portfolio back on, to let the buyer see what i did in my history. am i correct?

Yes, that’s correct.

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