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Can i two account use in one computer?

Hello everybody,
can I use one computer, two account deferent services like “Graphic Design” and “web design WordPress development”?

Please help me!
I have already one graphic design account but I have a web development skill,
can I use another account in my one computer?


Hello bruh, for answer the quoestion, you can read this Can We run two Fiverr account on same PC ? [ARCHIVED]


Thank you so much for your help @ workfinish

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It is against TOS to have two Fiverr accounts, but you can have your Web Development Gigs on the same account as your graphic design one.

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ohhh! really Thank You so Much @ jake_hopkins

Only if you want both of your accounts (as well as any account you make later) to get permanently banned.


thank you for your great comment @ catwriter

You can have multiple GIGs on your one account, if you are new then 7. You can create unique GIGs and offer specific work there, and one GIG that is classified as ONLINE ASSISTANT.
I have a lot of skills but only 7 GIGs so what I did is I created GIG as an Online assistant and there I am offering all, from web design, graphics, animation, word, excel, ppt, pdf, anything. If I see buyers’ request that I am interested in but I do not have specific GIG for that I use Online assistant to cover the request.

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WOW, The great comment thank you! @marinapomorac

this is helpful for me

your welcome bruh, glad to help you :+1: :+1: :+1:

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NO, you can’t use two accounts in one computer.They are tracking your IP address and stuff like that.Your two accounts will be banned .

You can create maximum 20 gigs in an account.So,you can create another gig for web development

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Okay! Thank you for your great helpful reply! Thank you so much @ scrapperworld

Thank You very much! for your helpful comment.