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Can i update my gigs by edit


Hello guy’s
I am a level one seller on fiverr.
I can’t show my gig’s on search result.Can i update my gigs by edit
If i edit my gig is there any problem
Want to your suggestion please



Not sure what you mean.

In general, if you update/edit your gigs image/video etc. it will go through a review process by Fiverr which can take up to 48 hours to complete. In the meantime, the Gig may not be visible in search.

Also, if the Gig is new, it might take up to 48 hours before it shows up in the search. Keep in mind that Fiverr has an algorithm that determines what will be visible in search under different criteria. If the gig has little or no reviews, negative reviews, or do not contain the relevant search terms, it might be hard to find it in the search.


Thanks for your suggestion i just ask that ,
Can i edit my gigs?


Yes, you can. Just visit your own gig and click on the big green button called Edit.

You can also do this by clicking on Selling > Gigs. You will be presented with a list of your gigs. Click on the arrow down button on the gig you want to edit, then click Edit.



Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Yes you can do it
if you have more question please feel free to ask me


I don’t know actually i heard that at last update on fiverr we can’t edit gigs again
Is it true?


You can edit your gigs at any time. In fact, you should always keep your gigs edited and up-to-date.


Thanks for your suggestions