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Can I use 1 account on 2 PCs/laptops/devices? 2 accounts on 1 device/several devices?

Since these questions pop up again and again, I hope all these options in the title will help people find the answer without opening the nth topic about it.



This is really an important tips/suggestion for me. Bcos I used fiverr by laptop when I stay in my office and used desktop PC when I stay on my home.


Thank you! I was wondering if I could also use my laptop some times but I was afraid to do so. Now I know. :tada:

What if I share my PC with my brother who also wanted to join Fiverr? Will that cause any problems?

Awesome Presentation! Thanks

Of course you will get problem. Because Fiverr says On account multiple pc but 2 account one pc they don’t allow. Even though if your brother sales same product using another pc but then net connection is same. Like you guys are using same Internet then that will be a problem too.


It might. You should definitely contact support and clear that with them before your brother tries to register an account.
If you’d sell the same product, you have an issue;
if you’d sell in different niches but use the same IP, you might have an issue;
if you’d sell in different categories, it might be allowed but make sure to ask support for permission first,
to not risk not just his but perhaps also your account getting banned.

There are couples who operate 1 account together because they sell in the same niche (for example, both do Voice Over) but were not allowed to have one account each under the same IP because it’s the same niche (even though it’s definitely two separate people, one doing male, one female VOs, so it’s definitely not one person trying to operate multiple accounts to “increase their visibility” = against the rules),
so if your brother wants to sell similar things, you could discuss with him about operating 1 account together, as long as you live under one roof and use the same IP.

Even then, and also even if he wants to sell in a different niche, I’d still ask support if they’d be okay with that, or if they have a different suggestion how to solve this dilemma, and be upfront with them, so you’ll know exactly if there is a solution without going against their policies and risking your account.


I agree with you. Fiverr can be create a problem

Thanks for your presentation… this is good for newbiees…

To answer your question based on my own experience:

  • I think you can open on 2 different devices but if you switch between 2 PCs frequently it may raise suspicion with support team

  • I don’t see why not? If it’s two accounts from 2 different sellers using the same PC shouldn’t that be ok

  • It should be perfectly fine to have 2 fiverr accounts on different devices, that’s like saying if 2 different guys from different countries can have an account, the answer is obviously yes.

Just my 2 cents

Absolutely No
Becoz U know that you are 2 sellers but how will fiverr know that !!

Fiverr will think that it is the same person having 2 accounts from the same IP and you will get banned

I thik you face problem

Thanksfor your valuable tip😍