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Can i use a freind's payoneer account to withdraw my money?

Can i use a freind’s payonerr account to withdraw my money , my freinds doesn’t have a fiverr account and he isn’t even related to fiverr at all, is that possible and ligale ?


Yes its true that you can use your friend Payoneer account if you want to loose your dollar. Why you want to use another person card?

Apply a Card from Fiverr and it will not take that much of time to get it. Use your won card…


Why loosing dollar !!! as i said my payoneer card is dead and if i withdraw to it an ammount of 30$ will be billed from my card !!

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You didn’t say that in your initial post.
You can order a new card over at payoneer. They charge $12,00

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It took mine 9 whole damn months. It depends on where the individual lives.

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9 months for changing a card in withdrawal options? Do they add more than one?

No, I meant it took Payoneer 9 months to send my Payoneer card. Currently, in the process of having it changed to my own - let’s see how long it takes.

I think it’s ok to use your friend’s card as he never used Fiverr. But it’s a sensitive issue, better you ask Fiverr support.
You can Ask support by mentioning that you need to withdraw immediately, can you use your friend’s Payoneer card?
I recommend reissuing your card.