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Can I use a video from canva?

Today I have created a video using canva.There was 14 picture and I choose 8 of them. It was modified as fiver gig video. I choose the background music from youtube studio. I think this two are free. Can I use it in fiverr?

If you wish to use them for your portfolio or gig images - no. All work must be unique.

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Yes, you can. But, if the video contains canva watermark, it will not be allowed.

You have to publish a unique video.

I also used a Canva template for my gig presentation and Fiverr allowed it. I edited it to make it personal. I think it is ok as long as it one puts a unique touch on it and Fiverr accepts it. Thoughts anyone?

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i have a paid account is it have watermark

No, paid account does not have watermark