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Can I use Auto Refresh Extension” in my browser?

Can I use Auto Refresh Extension” in my browser ?


No because it is misleading. You shouldn’t show as online unless you actually are.

These sneaky tactics don’t get anyone orders anyway. Value, quality, suitability and demand do.


Is it your personal opinion? Your information is not clear. I contacted support regarding this issue and they never said to me that I can’t use Auto-refresh extension. So why your suggestion different from Fiverr support?


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It’s wrong, Fiverr never permits their sellers to spam. It is a violation of fiverr TOS. Please don’t comment your personal opinion. It’s 100% misleading. And never inspire anyone to spam or comment publicly fiverr support sellers to spam. It could be dangerous for any fiverr seller. To be confirm I will contact support as you said fiverr support spam.


I know it is in their ToS. But they don’t enforce it and just the other day I reported spam and the CS said there was nothing wrong with doing that.

I never said they support spam. I said they permit it. Those are entirely different things.


It’s not strictly forbidden, as far as I know, but it can bring you problems (like angry potential buyers who think that you’re ignoring them because you appear to be online but are not answering their questions, or the system might demand that you keep proving that you’re not a bot by doing captcha test over and over and over again).


Please avoid this kind of comments. You are not a fiverr support agent. For a thirdparty report sellers account could be disabled by Fiverr support. So avoiding any kind of spam is the best suggestion.

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One doesn’t need to be a support agent to tell you something would be ineffective.

If it was there’d be no point in this forum.

I didn’t spam you. You asked a question. I answered it. I’m sorry I did.


But giving wrong information was never a point of this forum. Hope you will not argue. Over and out.

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I am really confuse now. Who says right?


I wouldn’t do it. I have an auto-refresh extension on my browser for a game I play, and I clicked it by accident once on Fiverr, and was hit with a captcha page, and then logged out of the system. I think it’ll have the opposite effect of what you want.


Do we even have confirmed reports that pretending to be online 24/7 increases sales?

(I’m genuinely asking).

Assuming it works, If you pretend to be online at 5 in the morning (when you’re actually asleep) and get contacted by a buyer, you won’t be able to secure the sale, right? And that buyer who expects a quick response (by browsing sellers who are online) will just move on to someone who is actually online.


It’s stupid to do this and not helpful. In addition fiverr uses capcha and will probably ask you to check that periodically if you continue to refresh a page.
And most likely punish you in some way you don’t expect if it detects you are using an auto refresh. Just not a good idea to do this at all.


It’s making people think that you are online when you are not. Don’t you think it’s a manipulation of the system?


Thank you. Fiverr shouldn’t allow it.

Just because Fiverr allows something, doesn’t mean it is reasonable to do it. It’s a way of tricking buyers. Not sure why so many sellers think that is ok and effective.

  1. Because they’ve read somewhere, or were told by a “guru”, that they have to stay online 24/7 if they wish to succeed.

  2. Because they think that they can become successful with a help of a magic trick, not by being good at what they do and offering something that someone actually wants.

  3. Because honesty isn’t really high on their list of priorities. Getting cash quickly is, and if it takes lying and cheating, they don’t care.


You summed it up!

People want a magic wand and they don’t want to learn enough about business to see that there isn’t one.

If people put the energy they use trying to find tricks into learning how business works, they’d have a better chance at some success.


No. This is Fiverr TOS.


Yes, but I would definitely not recommend it, speaking from experience.

I’ve been here around five years and finished thousands of orders.

Buyers expect quick answer and service and if you show online and you don’t answer, this can have an opposite effect and that particular buyer might not want to initiate contact again.

In your place, I would rather focus on the service, actually replying as fast as possible, increasing the value and quality of your Gigs so that you leave the buyer in awe. Make your service unique and useful to meet a definite demand. It all comes down to a simple formula to follow. The income you earn is directly proportional to:

  1. The need for what you do
  2. Your ability to do it
  3. The difficulty there is in replacing you

When you hit these three nails on the head, then you are on the real path to success.