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Can I use browser extension for my fiverr account

Can I use browser auto refresh extension for active my fiverr account ? It gives me any effect in my fiverr account?


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No you cant use will be harmful for your account.

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Are you 100% sure brother ?

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Did you bother to read the links that @franklegacy provided?


Yes. I read this link post

I’m not suggest this. ( :x: :name_badge: :ok: )

Then there was your answer. :roll_eyes:

Why do you need to ask IF you read the post? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If you do not believe the threads in the @franklegacy provided then go ahead and try using a browser auto refresh extension. That way when someone once again comes to the Forum and asks this question, you will have the answer. :wink:


I read this after his comment

better dont use. thanks