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Can I use celebrity images to gigs?


Hello Guys!

Hope you are doing well. I have one question. Can I use this images to my gig?


I want to use this type images to my best selling gig.

Please give me some ideas. Thanks


Only if they are royalty free images. Don’t pick and use images from google.

Of course, nothing misleading or inappropriate.


No. Don’t use images of celebrities to sell your gigs. That is tacky, illegal, and wrong.

Neither Barack Obama nor Oprah Winfrey have anything to do with your services.


Like seriously? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Why not take some photos of yourself?


Thanks. What happened if those are your buyers and got service from you? And you picked their images from google.


You design website…why do you use images at all? Even if you are using, use images with CC0 licence. Download and using (commercially) images from google is never a good idea.

Also, as I see the image you used has nothing to do with your gig. FYI, using celebrity images won’t get you more orders, use image that shows what you are offering.


Thanks @jonbaas. But some sellers sales celebrity images and activities. Here is one I will have trump sign your logo in the video


Thanks for useful suggestions!


Politicians, while in office, are in public service, and their image is, therefore, open to critical or satirical use. President Trump is a public official in public office. It is not illegal to use his image in a satirical way – even in a way that earns profit. (This is why you see so many President Trump t-shirts, etc for sale everywhere)

However, when he leaves office, he becomes a private citizen, and, therefore, is no longer available for others to use his image in that way.

Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey are private citizens, and therefore, it is illegal to use their likeness to make a profit. You need permission from Obama or Winfrey to use their likeness in commercial use. You do not need the same from President Trump while he is in office.

Please be familiar with copyright and fair-use laws before assuming that you can do anything you want – just because “other people are doing it”.


Thanks a lot @jonbaas. You opened my eyes!


I shouldn’t have to have done that. You should already be familiar with the law before going into business where copyright, intellectual and fair-use laws are most important.


Either use your OWN photos OR get some help from someone to create attractive ones related to your gig. Never a celebrity, despite other profiles you see on here that use one. As @jonbaas said, it is illegal to use someone’s likeness (without permission - such as stock photos that you can purchase for use) – and especially for financial gain.

Or, if privacy is a concern, for whatever reason - many people do have legitimate privacy concerns – you can do like I do… and use a seller to create a great caricature of yourself! :slight_smile:

A while back fiverr encouraged sellers to use caricatures of themselves - like they use for fiverr CS- and even endorsed certain sellers who created them, so I opted for one of those. It works out great for me.


Yes, if…

  1. You want to be sued.
  2. You want to alienate 50% of your potential customers.


All this royalty free comments are nonsense.
Aside from the fact that you actually need the photographer (who is the copyright owner) to grant you the usage rights, you also need a model release from the celebrity. If you don’t have the latter whether the photographer nor any other person he grants usage rights to, is allowed to use their imagery other than for editorial use. Since using it for gig endorsement it would be commercial use and you therefore need the model release.

I know a ton of users do this, but this doesn’t make it legal.

Aside from all the legal stuff, I would never do any business with somebody who relentlessly uses other peoples creative work without their permission. They are just a$$…s in my opinion.