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Can I use client's work in Fiverr gig video?

Hi Fiverr Community, can I use the client’s work in the Fiverr gig video?


We need not show the credentials of the client. Hide those details.

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ok, Sreelekshmigeet. thankyou :slight_smile:

Replace client’s personnel details with bogus data. And take permission from client before using it.

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If you’re using their work to add a ‘wow factor’ or professional touch - then sure, why not.

But if you’re using their work to pass it off as your own to misled a potential buyer - then of course not. This would be misrepresentation.

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ok, awadood thankyou :slight_smile:

got the point thankyou @english_voice

Can you please spare a minute and check please the gig : I will do photo editing background removal,white,transparent
I have used some images of client work in video which was done by me on another gig. Won’t I be blamed copyright issue ?