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Can I use delivered graphic work for my gig photo?


I am trying to upgrade my logo gig in order to get more sales and I wish to combine some delivered logo designs which does appear on my portfolio as a gig photo.
Is this a right thing to do?


No - the image now belongs to your buyer - if they allowed it to be added to your portfolio that’s fine, but use a different image for your gig image. Also,if it’s in your portfolio already, why would you want it duplicated?


Ask from client directly for usage.


I think you can design logo for your own then use it as a portfolio because some client asking for some design…

Thank you


I mean the ones that did not appear in the portfolio.
Not the ones that appear on the portfolio.


No then I think? If a buyer didn’t give permission for it to be in your portfolio, they wouldn’t necessarily want it used as a gig image. When they buy your gig it’s theirs to do with as they like, not yours any longer. :slightly_smiling_face:


I have some new designs I made for the gig photo, it just that I couldn’t take my eyes off some designs that I made which the buyers did not allow to be on the portfolio.


Take permission from the client 1st.