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Can I use designs I\'ve created, for my portfolio?

I was wondering if i can use the deliveries as my portfolio?
I have some designs which were marked completed automatically that i want to use as my portfolio samples.
I am not asking about “live portfolio”.
Please, let me know if it is allowed?
Thank you

Anything that is your work is allowed to be placed on your gig samples, but just to be safe you have to ask the buyer (of the delivery you plan to use as a sample) if it’s okay that you use it for your gig portfolio. Some buyers do not like it being displayed and some are fine with it, so you really just have to ask their permission. If they don’t agree, you can always try making a new and freshly made sample.

Thank you for your response.
It answered to all my questions.

I’m not sure what fiverrs terms say about how you can license work on here, but make sure the buyer doesn’t believe they are the copyright holders. If they are, then ask them if it is ok.