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Can i use dropbox link?


sometimes the file size is more then 25 MB. that’s time i prefer to my clients upload the files into dropbox and send me the download link. Is that ok with fiverr terms and condition? 8-> :-?



Of course you can: I often use it to deliver orders with 1GB+ of files.


Yes sure, you can use Dropbox to send file as well. I did many times whenever i failed to attach a file.


yes you can… no problem


Yes! I used it recently for a client. Some people are not familiar with or don’t use the zip file extractors…I know that with Dropbox, it’s FREE for up to 2 GB (I think) of storage space :slight_smile:


wow great news!! thanks @toutou123


If you feel its easy, then you can do it… its allow on fiverr.


Thank guys!! m/