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Can i use fiverr money for online ads?


I hope you all are doing great!
I want to use my fiverr money for online fb ads. Is there any way? because every time i click on my bank transfer it doesn’t goes to my payoneer account but instead it goes directly to my local bank automatically.
Please let me know is there anyway? do i have to apply for fiverr revenue card as i have already done bank transfer.

Anticipating a response,


No - you’ll need to sort out your payments so you can transfer your money out.

The only thing you can use your Fiverr balance for is paying for Fiverr gigs.


actually i want my money to goes to my payoneer account then to my local bank if i want but it goes to my local bank through payoneer automatically


Sorry - I was replying to this question.

I have no idea about the workings of Payoneer I’m afraid. :slight_smile:


Well, Payoneer has two transaction system.
As you described, Payoneer is a gateway to transfer money from Fiverr to your bank account.
If you need to get the money on Payoneer balance, you need to change the setup from Payoneer or add new payment method as "Fiverr Revenue Card."
There, it will redirect you to your Payoneer account and all the money from Fiverr will store on you Fiverr card :slight_smile: