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Can i use Fiverr Revenue card ( payonner ) in other fiverr account


my old fiverr account is disable but i have a revenue card… now i want to know can i use Revenue card ( payonner ) in my other account one or more account. Please give me your best answer :slight_smile:


It’s better to ask CSupport


By default, your bank info and Payoneer card number is retained at Fiverr database at the time of setting up your account. I believe that you will not be able to add the same card. If you do get through, at one point, the system will trace your new account to the disabled account and you will probably get another Account Disable notice from the review team. Therefore, just to be on the safe side, add a new card and start over with a clean slate. Wish you good luck with your future projects.


@yurymuzlanov Thanks For your comment … if i can’t find my answer in forum then i ask Csupport.


Thanks 4 ur comment. i can’t add bank info in my old account.


If you do that, both account will be disable.


@saeedanowar Thanks for your important comment.


You can, but both accounts would be disabled
One payoneer card for one account