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Can I use Fiverr seller money to buy gigs?

So I’ve sold a Gig on Fiverr (my first one) for $16 and I have that money in my seller account. Now I want to buy a Gig for $5 - as I don’t actually have any payment/billing methods (as a student) (I haven’t been paid by Fiverr, it’s still just on my account) - is it possible for me to use that $16 in my account to pay for the $5 Gig I want to buy? Or do I have to claim the money and then pay the money using a separate method eg. PayPal?


You can make purchases using your Fiverr balance. To make it clear, you can only make purchases using the funds which were cleared to your account. If you have cleared funds showing in your account no need to claim or use PP to make purchases.

So once my funds are cleared (like once the cool down is finished) I can use those funds? And how would I select it as a payment method?


Once you are making purchases a option will popup asking you to pay using Fiverr balance.

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Fantastic - thank you @weareartfull!