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Can I use Fiverr to increase my fiverr sales?


I’ve noticed a lot of gigs where people offer to mention your business to their thousands of followers on facebook or twitter. Does anyone have an opinion on whether or not its a good idea to have my fiverr gigs promoted in this way? My gigs are “Write an article for your blog”, “Post a review of your product or site” and “10 Blog Comments”. Does anyone think that these are gigs that can be advertised via someone else’s twitter account gig?




I don’t think it will work. There are no shortcuts and easy way in the internet world. And those who sell you these easy promotion stuff are just scams


why not ?


I can’t imagine many people on a random Twitter account own forums or are looking for blog content. If you could find one that was relevant to internet marketing, it would maybe be worth a $5 gamble.

As a Fiverr writer myself, if I was struggling for orders, I’d just up my word count, lower my delivery time, then once I was back into the swing of things return it back to normal.

That or offer free 24 hour delivery and keyword research. There are a lot of buyers looking for those 2 things and it would save them $10 if you offered it for nothing.


I’d suggest not. 99% chance you’ll waste your $$$. Learn to build a website instead. Three months ago I launched a new website - now it ranks around page 2 ~ page 3 of Google for ‘text logo design’. Do white-hat SEO on your website.

If you google ‘fiverr twitter promotion scam’, you could even find a blog post written for your concern in my website.


I don’t think its a good idea, because its just there business, Actually you can promote your link on social media, it can be help, so you can buy who will promote your gig…


We help a lot of people increase sales with our online marketing and press releases, but like I say to a lot of people on the forum, you need to get out there, sales will not come to you without any marketing.

As well as doing online marketing, you should be looking at your local area. You may have many newspapers and magazines who could be interested in your service. Come up with a good story for them and see if they will run with it.

You can also promote yourself to businesses in your local area and let them know what you do, and how good you are. By getting yourself out there, you will increase sales


Yea sure…


They can be promoted like that but not in spammy way. I have been promoting myself on social media. Since late January 2015 I am a seller on fiverr. In time I have discovered social media tricks as I m now offering almost the same services I was using SM promotions by myself and they paid off. First month I earned 80$, second month 200$ and now In april I am on +600$. 75% was the result of promoting my gigs on social media and forums.


Reply to @careem: great…



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Without a question. Many sellers approach me and ask for advice on how to boost their gig sales, and I have helped many achieve so. Feel free to toss a message if you’re still pondering the question and I will offer my best advice.