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Can i use flicker portflio link in my gig description? is it safe?

i want to share my flicker portfolio link in my gig description. is it safe ? thanks advance.


Yes, you can. It’s safe.

Here’s a list of approved sites you’re allowed to link to:


thank you so much…

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Hey bro did it work?

Description may not contain an email address. Reminder: Communicating with other users outside of Fiverr is not permitted. See our Terms of Service for more info.

I got this when I tried to save gig desc.

Did your Flickr link contain the “@” symbol?

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what should I do now?

I believe you can create your own custom link on Flickr. If you create one without the “@” symbol, you won’t get the error message.

In the past, you’d do this by visiting Flickr, clicking settings, and selecting the option to create your own memorable Flickr web address.

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got it!
Thanks a lot dude

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Yes you can share it