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Can i use free stock images from pexel for my gigs?

Just what title says, is there any chance of getting copyright issue when using stock images from free providers like pexel or other ?

Thank you.

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Check the terms and conditions of the stock image. Most are ‘free for personal use’.

Thanks, but can i edit them and change background? is there going to be any problem? Fiverr took down all three of my gigs today for copyright issues.

why can’t you buy stock images that are for commercial use?

I mean, surely you bought the stock image you’re using as a profile pic, right?

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It’s licensed but I got it for free.

No, because you are still using the base image. You can’t get around copyright by changing the thing.

Also, why are you lying about who you are?

Thanks and what you mean by lying ?

That isn’t you in the photo.

Yes, Its a stock photo. I was changing different setting and pictures to see which looks best. I’ll upload my own pic pretty soon, maybe tommorow. PS: i’m new here, is using stock photos for profile bad impact ? Thanks

I would say that lying would have a bad impact, yes.

alright thanks, will change asap

@tusharahmed627 Sir, how can you do that?

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If you want to tell people about your gig you need to create your own heading under the category “My Fiverr Gigs”.

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