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Can i use Image in My Gig?

I’m going to use freepik free image in Fiver gig is that i’m voilate fiver TOS ??


then you have to mention “freepik” in your Gig Images., if you are premium member of Freepik then you don’t need to credit author., Yet i have a suggestion foryou if you can tell what is your gig about ?

You should pay in Freepik. Get a Premium account, pay, and you have all rights over the images then!!

how about using freepik in dong actual your work that will be delivered to the buyer. does that violate TOS?

It does. If you use free pick pictures you need to let your client know in advance because he will also need to purchase copyrights for that image after you deliver your order work and a lot of clients would not like having extra cost that they didn’t expect.