Can I use google drive link when responding to buyers request?


Hi all,
I am in Fiverr for 2 and a half months and trying to establish myself here and already achieved level one badge and maintaining a 5.0 rating.
I just want to know can I use google drive link when responding to “buyers request” ? Many of the buyers want to have a demo/sample of their desired (custom) work, but there are no option to show them with my offer response. So can I upload my work in google drive and make a shareable link and provide the link in my offer response?
Is it okay with Fiverr’s Terms & Conditions?
It would be very helpful for me if anyone can answer.
Thanks to all in advance.
Have a great Christmas & New Year!


Try this:


If I were you, I’d take advantage of the Fiverr’s attachement files system. Why? I like to keep everything on the same platform. But that’s just me.
However, I don’t think doing so will violate any rules.
Good luck!


Thanks! But there are a lot of such options available in the list (e.g. blogspot, youtube, flickr etc.) from where a personal contact could easily be made by the buyer if he/she wants to!! What’s the point in not listing other sites like google drive? I don’t understand.


I used to use googledrive when i first started and I actually use googledrive to deliver some of my video work as they’re, at times, too large to delivery through Fiverr’s system.

I’d check with CS first, but I used to do with with no issues.


Thanks, But I can’t find any kind of attachment option in the offer response window. :frowning:


The link you’re referring to is for gig description or in your profile and doesn’t address your question about responding to Buyer’s request.


Because there isn’t one! :slightly_smiling_face:


You don’t need to “attach” a link. Simply entering the url of the shared folder/file portfolio would allow a viewer to visit the address by either copy and pasting it in their browser.


Thanks. But it will be really good if we(sellers) get an option to attach at least one file. Because some time it feels like, “Oh god, this job is for me, I can do this with 100% perfection!” But get no response to my sent offer.


If it is okay, Then it is a relief! Thanks again.