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Can i use multiple fiverr accounts?


can we use multiple fiverr accounts on 1 laptop ???


No, and why would you do it? Having more than one Fiverr account is against TOS and all your accounts will be liable for being banned.


No, Fiverr Allows only One account per person.


No, it’s spaming. Why you do that?


unfortunately i just want to know i don’t want to use multiple account i just answer it to my friend i just verify it because i did not read any TOS…


Hmm, lately there are many questions that are posted on behalf of friends… I wonder why the friends of the posters don’t ask themselves :thinking:


yeah you are right its just a mind thinking.


That’s an excellent observation. There appear to be a vast uptick in people asking “on behalf of their friends”, or asking for help because “they forgot their security question”. Based upon the increase in these kinds of requests, it sounds like Fiverr’s new security policies are working. :wink:


i dont think so… effor you want to put multiple account instead you should all effort on one account and make your identity


Asking about:

Multiple accounts is Cheeky !
Multiple accounts on 1 laptop is Super Cheeky !!

Bravo !!

You can also try to create a few accounts inside one account :slight_smile:
CSupport will have a fun :slight_smile:


Yes you “can”. But for a moment of time and Not allowed by the way :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the person is asking if two people can use the same laptop to do they work, the answer is Yes, but as everyone else, I too suspect the poster has two accounts.

I do not understand having two accounts unless you want to fraud people and get quick payment by tricking people and when you are caught, you make another account.

CS would have banned so many people by just reading the forums :),


What happens if I moved from my country?


You will be in another country!!

You will still be you, right? you are not going to change right? if you mean about your account, you know you can access your account from anywhere in the world?

Maybe you need to explain your question a bit more.


HI, Thanks for reply. I will be me of course. But my current country will be Venezuela but I will have to change it? Should I do change it? What about freelance and the laws of working in another country that is not yours?


It is ok, people move, the great think about Freelancing, and in a platform like Fiverr is being able to whenever you want, wherever you are and from anywhere, even if you move to the moon and provided you have internet access, there will be nothing to stop you working… if you are moving permanently to another country then change your location to that country after you settle, in the meantime work as you are doing now.


Okis! Thanks! I was thinking to create another account but I see now that not have any sense! Or have not sense! hehe…


Why to use multiple?


It may be helpful to read the Terms of Service which you will find if you scroll down to the bottom of the main page.


One targeted for a people and the other for another people. But I will keep only one.