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Can I Use Multiply Account

In my house we have only 1 computer. But my brother want work in fiverr. Can we use two fiverr account in my pc?

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You should contact CS and get their permission first and if they say you can, check if there are any restrictions (eg. you may both have to create gigs in different categories). If you don’t get Fiverr’s permission first they could close one/both accounts.



Normally using the same computer (same IP) and the same WiFi is not permitted as far as I know. But TOS change from time to time so why don’t you read again the Terms of Services?

For sure you will need to work in totally different niches / services.
For sure you should never buy from each other and exchange reviews.
Even messaging each other can be an issue.
Finally, as uk1000 wrote, for sure you would need to ask permission from Customer Support. Otherwise both accounts might be closed. Now or later.


Thank You Very Much Dear