Can I use my account on some other internet connection?


Can I open my account anywhere? because often I am in university on in software house and then I remain online there.
Now may be there are other people in my university who are using fiverr by using the same internet connection of our university.
So I am confused and scared as well because I listened that fiverr do ban when they detect that more than one accounts on one IP address.
One more thing,
I made my account on my home internet connection. and what if my sibling inspire from me and want to sell the same services as me and want to earn personally.


Yes. As long as you do not violate the ToS and have only one active Fiverr account, you will not face any issues if you switch between different internet connections. :+1:t2:

If your sibling(s) want to open another account of their own, it is better to inform Fiverr about it before your sibling(s) can open an account. They also cannot have the same payment details as you. I am not sure if they’re allowed to offer the same services as you (I am not sure about this part; better to get it clarified from Fiverr).


Yes, but you can’t have more than one Fiverr account.


Sir I think its not the answer of my query. I am not goin to make any other account as I now it’s the against of fiverr TOS.