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Can i use my Android phone camera to make videos for gigs?

I am not that tech savvy, and the only video camera i have is on my android phone. will i be able to use it for cover videos and also can i use it to make video gigs?

What’s the brand and model of your Android phone? I believe there are Android Phones that produce quality videos, like the Samsung S6 Edge…

It depends what kind of video gigs you’re doing… Sometimes you don’t really need the highest quality available… sometimes you need the highest quality available… Sometimes you need to edit your videos which would be easier to do on the computer, sometimes you don’t… So it also depends on what kind of video gigs you’re doing.

Yes! You can! :slight_smile: But you have to pay your attention on the quality of that video. Because Fiverr don’t allow to add poor quality videos to gig and it will make a bad reputation as well. :slight_smile: Try to use a video camera to get some outstanding quality to grab your buyers as well. :slight_smile: Adding a video will increase your trust and sales as well.


you can use your android phone for make video.but you’re first check your camera quality.Need a good quality this posts fiverr blog.
Good Day.

There are also online tools that you could use to make videos in relatively good quality. If you search google for “free video recording software” you will probably find plenty of them.

Keep in mind that the higher the quality of the video, the more likely buyers will order with you. I wouldn’t buy something that has a really low resolution/quality video explanation. I would rather go to someone with a high res, good produced video.

So if you’re having one of those budget Android phones, I don’t recommend using that. I only recommend if it has a good camera.

Personally, I’m an Apple Fanboy, so I only use iPhone, and can’t really recommend any Android phone as I don’t use them.

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