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Can I use my another gig link with my client?

Can I use my another gig link with my client while we chat?

As long as your link starts with…, yes you can!! Good luck!!


Thanks. Can you please give me another answer. Someone want to design a brochure without order. Isn’t that a violation of Fiverr policy. This guy asking me to do this for a week.

You need to create another topic if you want to ask a different question.


Dang, don’t do it, is a violation and a HUGE SCAM!!!

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Should I report on that guy…

Sure but reply first to him and block him and report him

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Thanks for your kind response.

Don’t use man, pal, buddfy, love, dear, mate as you don’t know what gender you’re talking too… it is very unprofessional

Suggest you do not address others as man, dear, mate, brother, sister etc. as lots of people don’t like it and it will put many buyers off.

Best not to assume that everyone who uses a logo is male! :wink:


I’m extremely sorry @hum_on_the_go