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Can I use my fiverr Account in 2 Computer in one same Connection?

Hello Friends…
I am working on my Desktop Computer from the beginning… But It’s really hard to travel and I travel a lot…
It’s troubling my work… So I have bought a Laptop, So that I can work anywhere…

I just need to know that, Can I use my Fiverr Account in my 2 Computers…??
And Sometimes I will stay at home, So Can I use it in Both Pc’s at the same time and in same connection…??

Please Help me friends…
Thanks in Advance…!


Thanks So Much Sir for your Suggestion…
I have got it…

And Yeah I am a Level 2 Badge Holder…
Thanks Again…!

Of course you can use your account on 2 computers, lots of people use Fiverr at home on their desktop and from a laptop or tablet or phone while they travel or hang out in a coffeshop or whatever. Fiverr doesn´t care about how many devices you use, only that you don´t have more than 1 account.

And this doesn´t have anything to do with the level you hold.

The only possible problem that could arise is if you use a shared internet connection on your laptop while you´re away and if other people use the same connection for logging into their Fiverr accounts, because that might trigger some alarm for potential multiple accounts. I´ve logged into my Fiverr account away from home and through various WiFis and never had a problem yet, which doesn´t mean that there never will be a problem, though.

If it makes you feel safer, you could write to Customer Support and tell them that you intend to log into Fiverr from your laptop too and away from home, they´ll surely tell you it´s no problem.


Thanks for the Expart advice… :herb:

Were you born as an Expart or is it an acquired skill?

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I guess Fiverr allows us to use one account from multiple devices, and this is not a wrong thing, it is common in these days to use multiple devices, like you use Fiverr at home, on your cell phone using Fiverr mobile app, then at your office PC, why it is wrong? or why Fiverr will ban this?? Main thing is, fiverr does not allow to have multiple accounts at same time, and it is against their policy as well, against moral values as well :slight_smile:


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Anyone acquired that
Good Luck