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Can i use my fiverr account more than one laptops?

I heard that if anyone used fiverr account more than one laptop he/she’s account will be blocked …

NO I always use different laptops.

i guess no

No I don’t think that rumour is true. I use across multiple laptops and I’ve never had a problem

Thanks alot all of my swet friends :slight_smile:

Reply to @emily_logo: just make sure no one else is also using Fiverr on one of the same laptops and you should be fine. Are they both your own computers and only you use them?

I purchased new laptop and I am using fiverr now on new laptop can I use my fiverr account on both laptop or not?

I login from all over the place and have had no issues.

Yes you can access from multiple accounts, we already use my account in four laptops and two mobile phone :slight_smile: