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Can I use my friend's account on my laptop and mobile?

My fiverr’s account got restricted after 3 warnings, i am 2nd level seller, Now its under review and its been more than 2 months no response from their side, Now my question is that can i use my friend’s fiverr account on my laptop and mobile phone?


No, you cannot. You got suspended. Fiverr does not want you on the platform anymore. If you start using a new account, you will be suspended again.


then what should i be doing ?

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Find another place to work, and remember to read the ToS before you sign up.


Its been three year i am suing fiverr, i have completed 350 plus projects and i have 300 plus 5 stars, and i got 3 warnings in a month, i never got any warning before, and i should find another place? thats unfair.

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What were the warnings about?

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First warning was about about delivery button that i submit partial deliveries, whereas i submit all the files,
second warning was about harassing buyer which i dont understand.
third warning was about asking for a review.

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Can you shine light on second warning, if you can?


You are not allowed to send anything other than a complete delivery.

Harrassing a buyer to accept an order or the delivery if they don’t want is not allowed.

Asking for a review is not allowed.

You have 3!!! different chances to read the rules and understand what you need to avoid. I see that the ban is justified, you didn’t respect the rules 3 times… There’s nothing they will do, you are banned for good and if you create another account, they will ban that too.


Fiverr is very strict as for as rules are concerned but misunderstandings arise everywhere, specially when you have only form of communication (written).
I think fiverr team should look into your matter and try to find a way out.


There’s nothing else to look into. He broke the rules knowingly.


i gave more than 10 revisions to a client, where only 2 were in a package,
i submit her the illustrator file,
when she opened that file on her laptop, her artboard lines were turned on, she thought these lines are part of logo, i told her its not part of logo.
but she got the order cancel.


My apologies please.

What happens when a buyer harass the seller and threats?
Why don’t CS team take action then?
I can share an incident with screenshots, I complained to CS.
They took 2 days to send me acknowledgement ticket and done nothing about that.
Rules should be created in justified manner and same for both parties.


I did not ask her for completion, she accepted the delivery herself, and then she had problems with the file, and we were having a discussion, and all of the sudden my order got cancelled.


That is reason why I fear accepting orders from non-tech savvies.

An order arrived asking for static site, I created one and buyer was furious and left a 4.8 review. Fiverr shows that review on top ignoring my couple of 5 stars.

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Restriction - means the account is partially disabled. The customer, either buyer or seller, can access the account, withdraw funds, complete ongoing orders, and review their order history. They cannot place or receive new orders, nor can they communicate with other customers through inbox messages. Seller’s Gigs will not show on the marketplace, and buyers will not be able to place new orders.

Once an account is temporarily disabled, the customer will need to wait for the trial period which can take upwards of 90 days to be completed to know if their account will be restored or permanently disabled.

Note: Customer Support cannot influence the result of this review, nor can they update the user on the review’s end date.

The above is from the Help Centre.

You will need to wait for the outcome of the review.


Just because you perceived something as threats doesn’t mean customer support will see your way. It also depends why your buyer said that, if you insulted or threatened him before, then obviously you triggered him and CS will take action against you, not him. It makes ethical sense in my opinion.

Based on my experience as a seller here for 7 years, I never had issues with CS enforcing rules against me. There were some issues due to the automated systems, but as soon as I went to CS they were resolved. As long as you stick to the rules, you are fine. But if you don’t respect the rules, then you get punished. That’s all there is to it.

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Buyers are holy cows, they can not threat. This is the dilemma actually.


So if your account is disabled that’s a lifetime ban by the platform?
If you are registered as a business and paying tax (which you will have to do if you make over a certain amount) then this seems extreme and means you can wake up one morning to find your business wiped out and no way to appeal?

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Yes. There are rules to abide here, if you don’t respect the platform’s rules then you are out for good. There are some specific instances when they will give your account back, but 99.99% of the time when your account is disabled, you are gone.

That’s why you should never have all your eggs in a single basket, so to speak.