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Can i use my level one badge in my fiverr gig image


Recently I got to level one badge from Fiverr so I want to use my level one badge image on my gig image, can I?

I need some suggestion.


Edited: Sure you can :wink: I have seen many sellers used it.


I think you can
i also use it but never get rejected by fiverr authority


Some time back I was told that it is not advisable to do so


I read at the Academy way back when I started that “Using Fiverr level image on Gig graphics” isn’t recommended. You can find it if you search the Academy. Also, from my personal thought, think about it, isn’t it kinda lame to seeling the level image on the Gig picture?


…and having to edit the images, when moving up the lvl ladder.


thanks for your comment