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Can I use my OWN debit card and have people send money to it? [Archived]


Hi I’m completely lost and I don’t know how ANY of this works. I wanted to do a gig and I was wondering if people could send the five dollars to my own debit card.

I’ve been seeing much information regarding the official fiverr debit card, I think it’s the revenue or whatever, you probably know more about that than I do. However, I don’t want to use that, I just want to use my own debit card and have people send the money to it.

Is this possible?

I also wanted to know when the actual service starts. I know you have to include how long it will take you to finish your service but when does the time start? When the person messages you to let you know they’re interested? Please use very simplistic language because I’m new to this and it’s overwhelming for me. Thanks.


Hi thanks for your post and welcome to Fiverr.

Ok so to answer your question, funds can not be sent directly to your debit card. They can be sent in two ways.

  1. PayPal
  2. Payoneer Card

    PayPal will allow you to receive payment from Fiverr straight to your PayPal account and then transfer them to your bank account, it’s quick easy and pain free.

    If you opt for the Payoneer card (currently only available to Top Rated Sellers) then you can have a Debit Card which will be issued by Fiverr called the Fiverr Revenues card, this isn’t the best option in my opinion as it costs a fortune to send and withdraw money from it.

    If you have nay further questions I am sure myself or another forum member would be happy to help.


    Wayne Austin


Hi Wayne I am under the impression (possibly wrong) that the Payoneer and Fiverr revenue Card are one and the same? I can apply for it but have not. I may very well be mistaken. Thanks for all of your great posts.


Reply to @ghostblogger: Yes apologies they are the same, It’s just Payoneer issue the card on behalf of the Fiverr.


No you cannot do this unless you use your paypal and link your debit card to your paypal


Hello Wayne and thanks for clearing that up, I wasn’t sure, and I will stick with paypal for now.


Reply to @ghostblogger: Yes, this is correct. The Fiverr Revenue Card is a branded Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard (Fiverr logo and design).


Hi All,

I have one Question. Can I link other person Paypal Account to transfer my revenue to other account? OR There is some option available for this. I don’t want to transfer payment to my account, will use other person account with different name.



My husband and I share a Paypal account. It’s under his name and email and not mine. I’ve never had a problem.


I guess you could only if you are the only one using that account here in Fiverr.


I would not suggest this. Should you ever experience issues with your account and withdrawals, customer support won’t be able to release your earned funds if there are inconsistencies with your account.